Inspired by my trip to India & Nepal, this lotus flower is printed on handmade Nepalese paper. The Lotus flower has existed for millions of years, surviving the Ice Age. It is the National flower of India (pink lotus) and is known as the flower of life. It is sacred in many cultures. It represents spiritual enlightenment, birth, growth & purity. Different colours have different meanings, this is printed red which represents compassion, love, generosity. Lokta paper has been handmade in Nepal for centuries. It is made from the bark of the Daphne Papyrus bush which only grows at altitude in the Himalayas. It is fully sustainable as the roots are unharmed and so continually regenerates. No acid or chemical are used to colour the paper, only natural dyes. Printed using Warm Red Cranfield oil based ink on 65gsm lokta paper, mounted & framed in a black wooden frame. Can be either wall hung or freestanding. Overall dimensions including frame, are approximately 27cm x 27cm. Please contact me if you would like to buy the print only, unmounted and unframed.

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